Secured Impact Notes

You don’t have to be a millionaire to be an impact investor! Receive a superior yield, as an Impact Investor, from the comfort of your own home.

High Yield + Impact In Africa & at Home


Full Transparency

Investors have access to a real time online platform that shows the underlying equipment with their approximate location. Updates, financial reports and statements for the portfolio and for each investor’s account are regularly posted on the secure account management portal.



The notes are secured on a first lien on equipment and cash flows from leases.

Downside Protection

Capital invested in the portfolio (10% of the total) is junior to the Notes and absorbs any “first loss.”

High Impact

Creating Jobs

in Africa and at home: we only lease quality equipment, from well known manufacturers, and many of those are American (GE, John Deere, Cummings, Dell, HP).


by removing hurdles due to equipment shortages and insufficient access to financing.


to food security. see the data


of healthcare.

5.09% Yield

High Yield

Superior Yield

5.09% per annum on investors’ unreturned capital, payable quarterly (note: Series 1 interest is based on federal Funds Rate plus 500 basis points).

No Fees

5.09% yield is net to investors, but before tax.

Quarterly Repayment of Invested Capital

Distributions equal to an investor’s pro rata share of the repayment portion of lease payments due from lessees for each lease contract.

Return Comparison*

*Return comparison is based on current rate offering and recent national averages listed by the FDIC as of October 1st, 2020.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Secured Impact Notes are not a deposit or other bank account and are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or any governmental or non-governmental entity, and they are not a money market mutual fund subject to the requirements of the Investment Company Act of 1940 (including the diversification and quality of investment requirements of such Act).

A Unique Proposition for Impact

Your investment in the Notes will provide direct private financing for high-quality equipment in underserved markets in Africa, backed by a novel approach to credit and partner selection. With us, you have a truly unique opportunity to make a difference.

Powering Growth

AAFC fills in crucial financing gaps in some of the world’s fasting-growing economies. Our approach is timely, flexible, and oriented towards market liberalization and growth.

A Steady Hand

AAC Financial Services LLC is the captive Financial Services Provider for African Asset Finance Company Inc, which is led by an executive team with deep and broad international experience in leasing, operational management, and direct investment, as well as decades of on-the-ground experience in Africa.

Consistent Returns

The Secured Impact Notes pay a competitive interest on your investments that compounds on a daily basis, and is paid quarterly, together with quarterly repayments of your investment.

Convenient Access

You can oversee and access your investment in the Notes easily via your account management tool, which includes transfer options and automated, personalized investments features.

Investing Made Easy

You can become an investor form the convenience of your home: you complete the accreditation verification process online, and then invest online. And wiring or transferring funds back to your own bank account is also done on-line.

Ongoing Contributions

After making your initial investment of at least $10,000, you can continue to add to your investment in the Notes by Check or through ACH or Wire transfer.

Secured Impact Notes

A fully transparent approach to impact investing.

The Secured Impact Notes program was established in 2020 to provide the benefits of superior interest rates, the satisfaction of seeing the positive impact of their investment and a convenient online investment process to qualified accredited investors.

Who is AAFC?

AAFC Financial Services LLC is the captive financial services provider for African Asset Finance Company Inc, (AAFC) which operates and finances equipment leasing operations throughout Africa. Equipment Leasing allows Lessees to pay for the equipment with the revenue they generate with them – and provides an opportunity for businesses to accelerate their growth without the need for access to bank financing, which is in short supply in Africa. [Link]

Equipment Leasing

Leasing is a contract whereby the leasing company (the lessor) gives its customer (the lessee) a right to use equipment, typically over a longer period. In the case of a finance lease (aka capital lease, or full-pay-out lease) the lessee typically has the option to buy the equipment for a symbolic purchase price. Other than banks, who normally have collateral on most if not all assets (buildings, equipment, inventory, etc.) of their customers, a leasing company only has the leased equipment, and, as a result, leasing tends to be somewhat more expensive than bank financing.

Leasing Risk

Since the leasing company owns the equipment, they have a much stronger position than a bank. That reduces risk and time when the leasing company takes the equipment back when a lessee does not pay on time, but it only truly helps if the leasing company has the ability to deploy the equipment with another lessee or sell the equipment. AAFC mitigates the downside risk of early terminated leases by:

  • Focusing on a limited range of highly sought-after equipment from mostly American or European quality brands
  • Selecting lessees for whom the leased equipment is truly important and generates revenue (“the essential use paradigm”)
  • Real-time monitoring of equipment through GPS trackers and telematics

What do you invest in?

The Notes are issued in series. Proceeds of each series are used to refinance an existing portfolio of lease contracts that are in good standing (i.e. the lessees are paying, and the equipment is in good working condition). With the re-financing a security (first lien) is registered on the equipment and the proceeds from the lease contract, in the name of AAFC Financial Services LLC (AFS), for the benefit of the Note holders. The lessees pay the local (AAFC affiliated) leasing companies according to their lease contracts, and the local AAFC (affiliated) leasing companies forward the portion of these payments that is needed to service the Notes to AFS.

Downside protection: how does it work?

AAFC participates in every series of the Notes for a minimum of 10% of the Notes and has agreed to keep its exposure at no less than 10% of the outstanding principal amount on the Notes. AAFC’s participation is “junior” to the investment of the investors in the Notes. That means that if the payments received by AFS fall short of the total amount required to pay the all the investors (including AAFC), AAFC will from then on not receive any payment until the investors will have been made whole. Please carefully read the Private Placement Memorandum for more detailed information.

Who invests with us?

You don’t need to be Gates or Buffett to be an impact investor!

To qualify you need to be an accredited investor – and many people can be! Click below to see if you qualify.